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ISSN : 2288-9167(Print)
ISSN : 2288-923X(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.14 No.4 pp.270-278

Influence of the concentration of jasmine oil on brain activity and emotions

So-Myeong Jung,Min-Kyung Kim,Hee Wook Ryu*
Major of Beauty Science and Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Soongsil University
*Corresponding author Tel : +82-2-820-0611 E-mail :


This study investigated the convergence of the QEEG and mood state changes in healthy females from teens to twenties on the inhalation of jasmine oil in different concentrations (0.01~100%). Brain activity upon stimulation by different concentrations was analyzed based on the RPVs and CVB, representing a rate of change compared with the background QEEG. The emotions elicited through jasmine were evaluated on a 20-point scale. The result of this evaluation showed that jasmine deactivated fast alpha but activated theta. In addition, it provided evidence for changes in the frequency band according to concentration. As concentration increased, the effect of alpha inhibition decreased, while the effect of inhibition of the high frequency band (20~50 Hz) increased. SEF50 and SEF90, which indicate the state of arousal, decreased as the jasmine concentration increased. Furthermore, it was assessed as having a pleasant, feminine, fresh and soft odor. Therefore, this study suggested that the inhalation of jasmine oil affected brain wave activities and mood states.