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ISSN : 1738-4125(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7509(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.6 No.3 pp.172-189

폼알데히드 저감석고보드와 흡방습 천장재에 대한 실내공기질과 습도의 영향

김혜정1)*, 송규동1), 이윤규2)
1)한양대학교, 2)한국건설기술연구원

Effect of IAQ and Humidity on the Reduction of HCHO Using the Gypsum Board and Water Vapour Adsorption/Desorption Property for Ceiling Board

Hea Jeong Kim1)*, Kyoo Dong Song1), Yun Gyu Lee2)
1)Dept. of Architectural environmental Engineering, Hanyang University
2)Building Planning and Environment Research Division, Korea Institute of Construction Technology


Recently, functional building materials have been developed and introduced to the market. Many buildingmaterials emit volatile organic compounds(VOCs) which have the potential to affect health and comfort, andmoisture problem has a major role also being established in indoor air quality (1AQ) problems. The purposeof this study is to evaluate the performance of reduction of HCHO using the gupsum board and water vapouradsorption/desorption property for ceiling board for mock-up test room and test house. The mock-up testis conducted according environmental standard method for indoor air quality of the ministry of environment.The results of this study are as follows; the reduction of HCHO gypsum boards are showed an effect toreduce the formaldehyde(HCHO) concentration of mock-up test room and test house. The indoor humidity isalso showed to be lower than the general ceiling materials, since there is increased in the absorbed indoorhumidity by using a humidifier with moisture adsorption/desorption ceiling materials. In natural conditions,moisture adsorption/desorption ceiling materials is showed a higher humidity than general ceiling materialsconstructed in the mock-up test room. However It changes of moisture adsorption/desorption is notappeared in test house. Therefore, in case of decreasing and increasing in humidity, these materials can beoffset by reduction of HCHO using the gypsum board.