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ISSN : 1738-4125(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7509(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.1 No.2 pp.221-227

환기설비가 설치된 교실의 실내 공기질 평가

신희수, 여창신, 변상현, 안영철*, 이재근, 박효순1), 김병순2), 이감규2), 강태욱2)
부산대학교 기계공학과, 1)한국에너지기술연구원, 2)LG전자

Indoor Air Quality Impact of Ventilation with the Existence of Occupants in Schools

Young-Chull Ahn*, Hee-Soo Shin, Chang-Shin Yeo, Shang-Hyun Byun, Jae-Keun Lee
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University
1)Building Energy Research Team, Korea Institute of Energy Research
2)Air Conditioner Division, LG Electronics
Received 28 July 2004, accepted 4 October 2004


This paper describes to evaluate the performance of ventilation as a change of CO2 concentration withventilation rate under 35 occupants in a school classroom. Variations of the CO2 concentration as a functionof time are measured at center point of classroom with air ventilation rates by the CO2 gas monitor. For 800m3/h of ventilation rate in the classroom, the average CO2 concentration is 913 ppm. The ventilation rate issufficient to meet acceptable indoor air quality (≤ 1,000 ppm of CO2, KS school standard) in the classroomof 35 students.