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ISSN : 1738-4125(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7509(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.2 No.1 pp.35-45

유전체 배리어 방전기와 UV‐광촉매필터가 삽입된 환기 시스템의 모형 챔버 내 가스상 및 입자상 오염물질 제거특성

박재홍, 변정훈, 윤기영, 황정호*
연세대학교 기계공학부

Ventilation System Comprising a Dielectric Barrier Discharger and UV‐TiO2 Photocatalyst Filters for Simultaneous Removal of Gaseous and Particulate Contaminants in the Test Chamber

Jungho Hwang*, Jae‐Hong Park, Jeong‐Hoon Byeon, Ki‐Young Yoon
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University
Received 16 April 2005, accepted 30 August 2005


A ventilation system comprising a dielectric barrier discharger and UV‐TiO2 photocatalyst filters wasdesigned and tested for simultaneous removal of gaseous and particulate contaminants in a test chamber.The DBD was used as the 1st stage of ESP for particle charging and gas decomposition. Charged particleswere collected in the 2nd stage of ESP by an applied DC electric field. The UV‐TiO2 photocatalyst filterswere used for decomposing gaseous species including O3 which was inherently produced by the DBD.Particle removal efficiencies based on mass and number were approximately 83.0% and 88.8%, respectively,after the ventilation system was operating for 5 hours. HCHO removal efficiency was approximately 100% for1∼5ppm of upstream concentration condition. TVOC removal efficiency was 99.0% and 99.6% for 1 ppm and5 ppm of upstream concentration conditions, respectively.