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ISSN : 1738-4125(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7509(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.2 No.1 pp.54-66

화장장내 실내공기질 조사

김윤신*, 노영만, 이철민, 김종철, 전형진, 이소담, 김홍렬, 이만규1)
한양대학교 환경 및 산업의학연구소, 1)서울특별시 시설관리공단 장묘문화센터

Investigation of Indoor Air Quality in a Crematory

Yoon Shin Kim*, Young Man Roh, Cheol Min Lee, Jong Cheol Kim, Hyung Jin Jun, So Dam Lee, Hong Ryeol Kim, Man Gyu Lee1)
Institute of Environmental and Industrial Medicine, Hanyang University
1)The Seoul Metropolitan Crematory
Received 15 March 2005, accepted 30 August 2005


Nowadays, cremation is becoming generalized and also the frequency of utilization of cremation isincreasing in Korea. Futhermore, there is a possibility that indoor air pollution is caused by particles, gaspollutants or microbial pollutants from laying down and cremation of corpses, and also the bereaved familyand grievers inside the crematory. Therefore, the major goals in this study were that first, we investigatedand analyzed the air quality of particular indoor environments such as the crematory. Second, we assessedthe health risk for workers. Finally, we collected and assessed the basic data in special indoor environmentsbecause this kind of study had not been performed. We sampled and analyzed PM10 (heavy metal), VOCS,HCHO, infectious microorganisms to grasp the characteristics of indoor air quality in the crematory throughsampling four times from 7th July to 16th October in 2004. Besides, we did personal air sampling of PM10(heavy metal) and VOCS to grasp personal exposure of workers from indoor hazardous air pollutants. Weconjectured that main sources of pollutants in crematory are cremation, buried corpses, and moving ofgrievers, also increasing the seriousness of microbial pollutants gathering strength, especially. As weassessed infectious microorganisms of indoor air and executed research for indoor hazardous air pollutants,we want to offer the way of study and policy of management for particular indoor environments like acrematory.