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ISSN : 2288-9167(Print)
ISSN : 2288-923X(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.14 No.1 pp.7-15

The characteristics and present state for Extremely Low Frequency-Magnetic Fields of metropolitan subway

Dae-kwan Jung, Joon-sig Jung, Kyu-mok Lee, Hyung-kyu Park, Jae-won Lee, Chung-youl Seo, Woo-seok Lee, Oh-Sang Kwon, Jin-hoi Gu*
Indoor Air and Noise Research Division, National Institute of Environmental Research
*Corresponding author
Tel : +82-32-560-8323 E-mail :
16 January, 2015 26 February, 2015 4 March, 2015


In this study, ELF-MF levels of subway trains were measured to understand the status of the intensity of ELFMF. The measurement points for the train are selected in the center of each train compartment(pantagraph compartment, motor-driven compartment and the compartment that is not connected to any other electric equipment) using EMDEX II. ELF-MF levels of trains were measured from the starting to the terminal station in each lines(Seoul line 1-9, Incheon line 1, Incheon international airport line, Gyungui line, Bundang line, Gyeongchun line, Joongang line, Suin line). We found that the mean and range of ELF-MF levels in the DC power subway train are 2.4 and 0.1~125.9 mG, respectively, while the mean and range of ELF-MF levels in the AC power subway train are 10.4and 0.0~156.3 mG, respectively. Furthermore, the maximum ELF-MF level(156.3 mG) was lower than the reference level(ICNIRP 833 mG, 60Hz). The findings of this study in relation to the characteristics of ELF-MF for subway will be useful to derive the ELF-MF exposure coefficient from our living environment in a subsequent study.

일부 수도권 지하철 내 극저주파 자기장(ELF-MF) 노출 특성 현황

정대관, 정준식, 이규목, 박형규, 이재원, 서충열, 이우석, 권오상, 구진회*
국립환경과학원 환경기반연구부 생활환경연구과