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ISSN : 2288-9167(Print)
ISSN : 2288-923X(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.14 No.1 pp.41-49

Alkali activation of activated carbon fiber for CO2 adsorption

Su-Hyun Hwang, Sang-in Choi, Hae-Woo Park, Young-Min Jo*
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, KyungHee University
*Corresponding author
Tel : +82-31-201-2485 E-mail :
11 February, 2015 27 February, 2015 12 March, 2015


Activated carbon fibers(ACFs) were prepared in this research from a polyacrylonitrile(PAN) precursor with the KOH(1~4 M) pretreatment and following activation at 800oC in a lab-scale. The sample ACFs were characterized according to their textural properties, and evaluated for CO2 adsorption capacity. The surface area and pore volume of ACFs increased according to the pretreatment with KOH; for example, 4M-KOH aqueous solution resulted in 1552.5 m2/g specific surface area and 0.605 cc/g pore volume. It also showed high CO2 adsorption amount(3.11 mmol/g) which showed a proportional increase with reaction pressure.

CO2 포집용 활성탄소섬유 흡착제 제조를 위한 알칼리 활성화 연구

황수현, 최상인, 박해우, 조영민*
경희대학교 환경공학과