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ISSN : 1598-6616(Print)
ISSN : 2287-6731(Online)
Journal of Korean Society of Odor Research and Engineering Vol.10 No.2 pp.53-61

광주 하남산업단지 내 도장, 도금, 주물ㆍ주조, 고무제조 및 폐유정제 사업장에서 발생되는 악취물질의 조사 연구


In this study was analyzed substances that high contribute to odor strength degree which emitted from the painting, the plating, the casting, the rubber manufacturing, and the used oil refining facilities in Gwangju Hanam industrial complex. In order to this, we analyzed two types of nitrogen compounds, five types of sulfur compounds, thirteen types of the aldehyde, and ten types of volatile organic compounds discharged from an outlet for antipollution facilities. The results are as following high contribution rate sustances to odor strenth was ordered butylaldehyde (73.8%) > acetaldehyde (17.7%) > propionaldehyde (4.9%) at painting facilities. At plating facilities, it was ordered Acetaldehyde (59.0%) > ammonia (19.1) > hydrogen sulfide (13.1%). At casting facilities, it was ordered Hydrogen sulfide (65.9%) > acetaldehyde (17.2%) > sulfur dioxide(5.2%). At rubber manufacturing facilities, it was ordered i-valeraldehyde (35.0%) > butylaldehyde (32.0%) > n-valeraldehyde (13.3%) and at used oil refinery facilities, it was ordered Acetaldehyde (36.8%)> butylaldehyde (33.6%) > sulfur dioxide (14.5%).

광주 하남산업단지 내 도장, 도금, 주물ㆍ주조, 고무제조 및 폐유정제 사업장에서 발생되는 악취물질의 조사 연구