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ISSN : 1598-6616(Print)
ISSN : 2287-6731(Online)
Journal of Korean Society of Odor Research and Engineering Vol.6 No.3 pp.194-201

음식물 퇴비화 시설에서 발생하는 냄새유발물질 분석과 기여도 평가


In this study, odor active compounds, emitted from food waste composting facility, were analyzed and their contribution degree were evaluated. Sample gases were collected at the inlet and outlet of scrubbing tower and bio-filter, respectively. The odor active compounds were separated by GC/FID/Olfactometry (GC/FID/O) and identified by GC/MS. Odor intensity and SNIF (Surface of Nasal Impact frequency) were used to evaluate contribution of each odor active compound. It was possible to calculate contribution rate (%) and reduction rate (%) of odor active compounds using analysis and evaluation of contribution degree of odor active compounds. As a result, the compounds showing the high contribution degree were fatty acids, ketones at inlet and aldehydes, ketones at outlet. Deodoring equipment of food waste composting facility appeared effective for the reduction of aldehydes, ketones but appeared week for the reduction of aldehydes. Although scrubbing tower and bio-filter could reduce 7 times of odor level, the outlet gases had odor dillution ratio of 3000, which exceed the allowable levels of Korean guideline by 6 times.

음식물 퇴비화 시설에서 발생하는 냄새유발물질 분석과 기여도 평가