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ISSN : 1598-6616(Print)
ISSN : 2287-6731(Online)
Journal of Korean Society of Odor Research and Engineering Vol.7 No.4 pp.205-211

오징어 폐기물로부터 발생되는 아민류의 발생특성 연구


In this study, simple preprocessing method for the analysis of headspace phase has been examined. The odor causing components were verified from the analysis of amine species emitted from squid waste. The concentrations of odor causing chemical components were confirmed in terms of four different sample treatments (treatment at 60℃, sonification, pressure treatment, addition of microorganism). HS-autosampler/GC/FID has been used for the analysis of chemical components and standard material addition method was utilized for quantification. The analysis results indicated that the major odor causing amine compounds emitted from squid waste were DMA and TMA. In addition, it was confirmed TMA showing higher malodor concentration predicted was relative malodor causing chemical component. Sonification and pressure treatment reduced the production of DMA and TMA by lowering the activity of microorganisms, while the addition of microbial accelerated the metabolism of microorganisms leading to the increased production of DMA and TMA.

오징어 폐기물로부터 발생되는 아민류의 발생특성 연구