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ISSN : 2288-9167(Print)
ISSN : 2288-923X(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.14 No.1 pp.66-72

Adsorption/desorption properties of activated carbon on toluene with operation condition and characteristics

Seo-Hyun Pak, Myung-Seop Shin, Hyun-Jung Kim, Yong-Woo Jeon*
Korea Testing Laboratory, Environmental Convergence Technology Center
*Corresponding author
Tel : +82-2-860-1682 E-mail :
23 January, 2015 11 March, 2015 20 March, 2015


The adsorption/desorption characteristics of toluene vapors filled with activated carbon(AC) were studied. Adsorption performance of AC was investigated according to flow rate, moisture content, and other factors. The breakthrough time was shortened as the flow rate and moisture content increased. The AC loaded with toluene was regenerated by programmed heating and pressure. AC was regenerated well, as the conditions of heating temperature(80oC) and pressure(100 torr) were appropriate. Toluene is more easily removed at low temperature than through thermal desorption methods. The test of AC regeneration was carried out three times.

공정 조건 및 활성탄 특성에 따른 톨루엔에 대한 흡·탈착 특성

박서현, 신명섭, 김현정, 전용우*
한국산업기술시험원 환경융합기술센터