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ISSN : 2288-9167(Print)
ISSN : 2288-923X(Online)
Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment Vol.13 No.1 pp.8-14

에폭시 바닥코팅작업장에서의 페닐 글리시딜 에테르 취급 근로자에 대한 건강 위험성 평가

문형일, 변상훈*
고려대학교 보건과학과

Human health risk assessment of workers handling phenyl glycidyl ether in epoxy floor coating workplaces

Sang-Hoon Byeon*, Hyung-Il Moon
Department of Environmental Health, Korea University
(Received 24 December, 2013 ,Revised 3 March, 2014 ,Accepted 7 March, 2014)


This study was conducted to evaluate the health risk of workers exposed to phenyl glycidyl ether to prevent themfrom developing occupational diseases. The workplaces that coat floor with epoxy were selected and the sampleswere collected and analyzed with NIOSH 1619 Method. Unit risk was calculated according to the animalcarcinogenicity study. Excess cancer risk was also calculated by multiplying unit risk by exposure concentration.Monte Carlo simulation was performed to calculate the median, cumulative 90%, and cumulative 95% value.Phenyl glycidyl ether is a skin, eye irritator and can result in allergic reaction, nausea, intoxication. Unit risk wascalculated as 0.04 (mg/m3)-1 based on the tumor incidence in rats. Geometric mean and geometric standarddeviation was also calculated as 0.112 ppm and 0.223, respectively by the workplace environment measurements.The median, cumulative 90%, and cumulative 95% value of excess cancer risk were calculated as 0.0244, 0.1328,0.1596, respectively. Not only cumulative 90% and cumulative 95% value but also the median of excess cancerrisk is much higher than 1×10-4 by the risk characterization, so there is a possibility of carcinogenesis to workers.Therefore, supervisors or managers of each workplace have to keep doing the risk management of their workplacesfor workers to reduce exposure to phenyl glycidyl ether.